Consolidated Mineral Holdings Ltd, (“Consolidated Mineral Holdings”) is a holding company for strategic, high growth investments in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia and the Philippines, the region’s most dynamic growth economies with high levels of natural resources and stable democratic political systems.

The Company currently owns and operates two gold production facilities in Northern Indonesia. Both these facilities, comprising approximately 60 hectares of high grade volcanic ore are operational with current monthly capacity of 20kg of 99% gold and remaining reserves estimated at 3 tonnes (approx 100,000oz). The Company is also in the process of completing acquisition of an existing deep shaft mine in the Philippines with estimated reserves of 1 million oz.

Consolidated Mineral Holdings has also identified the construction and building materials industry as a key driver of economic growth South East Asia over the next 5 years and The Company has entered into a joint venture agreement to acquire cement and aggregates assets to supply to the building industry in Philippines and Northern Indonesia.